Seniors living independently may very capable and able to live quite comfortably with little to no assistance. However, loneliness and feelings of isolation are common. With age, many people lose contact with old friends and sometimes even family. Driving to places and the simple challenges of mobility can make it difficult for elderly people to socialize. This invariably leads to a gradual withdrawal from society. As social beings, we need interaction with others to maintain our emotional well-being. Elderly people, living in an isolated environment, can suffer from depression. In extreme cases, it can even affect their health. Conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease can result from the anxiety brought about by loneliness.

A companionship care service primarily offers friendship and emotional support. Senior companionship caregivers provide the necessary stimulation to make life more enjoyable. This could involve playing games, taking walks, going to places of interest, or simply having a hearty chat. Apart from this much-needed involvement, companionship caregivers can offer a lot more.

The Benefits of Companionship Care for Elderly People

While having a friendly presence in the home is wonderful, there many advantages of utilizing a companionship care service that you may not be aware of. Here are some of the duties that a companionship caregiver may fulfill:

Providing companionship
Transport to social engagements and appointments
Light housekeeping
Medication reminders
Checking for safety issues around the home
Informing family members and medical practitioners of possible health and emotional problems
Planning menus in accordance with special dietary requirements if needed
Meal preparation
Caring for pets and indoor plants
Help with mobility and exercise

Companionship Care for Seniors in Upper Chichester Pennsylvania

Considering all the amazing benefits of companionship care for elderly people, you probably want to know where you can find these services in your area. For seniors living in the Upper Chichester, PA, the answer is simple. Contact Sisters Comforting Hands. We emphasize the need for comfort and dignity amongst the elderly people we serve. Our caregivers are selected not only for the expert training, but also for their compassion and understanding.