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Companionship Care in Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania

Elderly and disabled individuals can often feel isolated and lonely, leading to depression or higher levels of stress. Companionship care provides comfort and security within the client’s own home. At Sisters comforting hands we know how important it is to ensure you or your loved one feel safe and supported.

Why Use Companion Care?

Some companionship services are offered for homes, facilities, and hospitals so that no matter where you or your loved one is currently staying, they will have access to a compassionate, skilled caregiver. A companion can do small tasks, give a break to primary caregivers, and monitor for health changes while ensuring that your loved one is relaxed and comfortable at all times.

The kind men and women on our care team are ready to give your loved one emotional support, improved quality of life, and companionship that they may be missing.

Companionship Care in Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania
Unlike traditional caregiving, a companion focuses on making sure that your family member gets positive social interactions that can lower the risk of them developing depression, anxiety, or stress-related symptoms.

You can reach out to our office to find out more about how we can accommodate services to meet the specific needs of your family. Here is a list of our most commonly sought-after companionship care services.

  • Medication management, reminders, and administration
  • Mobility assisting of various types based on need
  • Basic housekeeping such as laundry, taking out the trash, making the bed, and sweeping
  • Preparing and serving meals
  • Shopping for groceries or picking up prescriptions
  • Transportation to and from medical and non-medical appointments

At Sisters comforting hands we have men and women trained to provide excellent companionship care for people in Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, including Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, and Philadelphia. For more information about the services that we offer, please reach out today.

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