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Medication Assistance in Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania

Medications are often used in combination with other types of therapies, such as counseling and behavioral therapy. Since it is of great importance to choose the right treatment plan and proper medications, provides medication management therapy in Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania and Delaware PA,, Montgomery PA, Chester PA, Philadelphia PA.

What is Medication Management Therapy?

Medication management aims to make sure patients receive optimal therapeutic outcomes of the medications they are taking. The therapists are there to educate patients so they can use their prescriptions accordingly. This way the chances for medication abuse are down to a minimum. The ultimate goal of this therapy is to ensure the patients take the medications they need without any undesired effects.

What Medication Management Therapy Covers

Medication management therapists at Sisters Comforting Hands cover a wide range of activities:

  • Assessing and reviewing prescriptions, the list of their side effects and interactions with other medications
  • Educating patients about the instructions and side-effects that certain medications can cause
  • Creating medication treatment plans, both long-term and short-term plans
  • Monitoring medication plans, inspecting their efficiency and making adjustments to the plan if needed
  • Improving communication between a patient and a therapist to maintain a high level of care
Medication Assistance in Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania
Medication Assistance in Philadelphia PA

There are five different components of medication management:

  • Medication therapy review (MTR)
  • Personal medication record (PMR)
  • Medication-related action plan (MAP)
  • Intervention or referral
  • Documentation and follow-up

Medication Management Therapist in Upper Chichester , Pennsylvania

Medication management therapists from Sisters Comforting Hands understand the importance of taking the proper medications and developing the right treatment plan.

They make sure you learn all the side-effects and interactions with other medications so you can receive the optimal therapeutic outcome. Get in touch with Sisters Comforting Hands and ask for medication management therapy. Our professionals will develop a personalized medication treatment plan for you and educate about what to do in case you show signs of the undesired effects.

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