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Vital Signs in Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania

Most people want to spend the autumn of their lives living in their homes independently if at all possible. There’s nothing like the warmth of your home, but being at home comes with challenges as we age. While most people think that seniors’ main issues are the inability to do chores, run errands, maintain personal hygiene, or get enough social contact, there’s one more significant issue: health monitoring. Luckily, if you or your loved one needs this service, we at Sisters Comforting Hands at Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania  and surrounding areas, including Delaware, Montgomery, Chester and Philadelphia  can help you with monitoring vital signs at home.

Those who spend their retirement at assisted care facilities have access to frequent health monitoring by trained physicians. For those who live at home, this is not the case. This is why you should contact Sisters Comforting Hands and join our many satisfied clients. The professional staff at our agency will monitor your or your loved one’s vital signs to ensure their health and safety. By doing this, we can ensure that any medical issues are discovered early.

Our program revolves around excellent communication between our patients and staff. Depending on your needs, our skilled nurses can visit patients daily, weekly, or even just once a month.

Vital Signs in Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania
Vital Signs in Philadelphia PA

They’re trained to monitor seniors’ vital signs, check blood sugar levels, change bandages and dressings, and help with medications.

By receiving help from professionals at Sisters Comforting Hands, you will ensure your long-term health. The basic program at our agency focuses on the following checkups:

  • Monitoring blood pressure to discover warning signs and prevent strokes and heart attacks
  • Keeping track of pulse rate for early discovery of heartbeat irregularities
  • Keeping an eye on body temperature to detect fevers and infections

Having this information available to you at all times can make the difference between life and death. This is why you should get in contact with Sisters Comforting Hands. We’re here for you when it matters.

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