If you’re considering home health care for a senior loved one, a person with disabilities, or are recovering from an accident, the range of homecare services can be bewildering. The caregiver services offered by homecare agencies will differ and, sometimes, the terminology used to describe these services can be confusing. In this guide to understanding home health aide services, I’ll be discussing this fairly advanced form of home health care.

What Are Home Health Aide Services?

Caregivers receive different types of training for various medical and non-medical care. Home health aide training is more advanced when compared to basic forms of home care. While they are not qualified to deliver the same medical treatments as a trained nurse, a home health aide specializes in basic health care and monitoring, as well as personal care. A reputable home health care agency will be flexible when determining what home health aide services they provide for individual clients. If you choose a good agency and communicate your needs to them, the agency will be able to adapt their services to meet your requirements.

Typically, you can expect home health aide services to include:

Specialized Services related to medical conditions:

Monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and blood sugar
Speech therapy
Physical therapy
Checking the home for possible safety risks and assisting with general safety when walking or performing certain tasks
Monitoring medical condition
Assistance and reminders with regards to medication
Preventing infection
• Assisting with the use of technology that can help with mobility and certain medical conditions

Non-Medical Care Services:

• Assistance with dressing and undressing
• Help with transportation, shopping, and errands
• Household chores and basic housekeeping
• Companionship and emotional support
• Meal preparation in accordance with special nutritional requirements

Home Health Aide Services in Upper Chichester Pennsylvania

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