There are many people who need assistance with activities of daily living. These would mostly be elderly people, and those with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Mostly we associate personal care with seniors, experiencing mobility or memory issues. However, it is a service that can be provided to anyone, regardless of their age. If you or a loved one need help with basic tasks, like bathing and dressing, or any of the activities that we perform through the course of our daily routines, you could benefit from a personal care service.

What is Personal Care?

There is no single definition of what duties a personal care assistant will perform. It will depend on the home care agency you choose and your personal circumstances. A good agency will be understanding of your requirements and flexible enough to accommodate your individual needs and preferences. Essentially personal care can be any non-medical service required by elderly, disabled, or ill people. A personal care service allows people who have difficulties with ordinary tasks to remain in their homes instead of moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home.

This means taking care of many daily necessities, which would include:

Personal hygiene, bathing and grooming
Toilet assistance
Planning and preparing meals
Help with feeding if required
Getting in or out of bed, sitting or standing
Safety monitoring when walking and performing physical tasks
Medication reminders
Basic health monitoring and reporting to family and medical personnel on your emotional and physical health
Providing transport and running errands
Light housekeeping

Personal Care Service in Upper Chichester PA

Because personal care is an intimate service, trust is vitally important. This means finding a home care agency with a reputation for excellence and individual attention. If you require personal care in Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, contact Sisters Comforting Hands. We have earned a stellar reputation for providing compassionate home care that is entirely devoted to your needs.